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Welcome to our shop

Bettcher's Auto is owned by Marty Bettcher.  If you've been to our shop before you've definitely seen him around in his signature blue coveralls with a Pepsi in hand.  

Marty's passion for automotives began when he was a teenager and wanted to start driving.  He had to learn pretty quickly how to repair his “not so new” car.  This grew into a love for vehicles, and fueled his desire to know exactly how they work.  This led Marty to becoming a journeyman automotive technician in 1990.


After working for other people, Marty opened the doors to Bettcher's Auto in 1993, with a mission: to show people that honest and mechanic can go hand in hand.  What started out as a one-man show has grown into a full-service automotive shop with five bays, four loaner cars, and numerous incredible team members, many of which are family.


At Bettcher's we know vehicles are constantly evolving, and as they do, our skills must keep up.  To meet our clients ever-changing needs, Marty and his technicians are always taking courses and training seminars. (Remember Marty’s passion to know how things work) 

We look forward to spending another 30 years (Hopefully more!) working alongside our family and helping Edmonton & area with their automotive needs. 

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